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Fusion HCM Analytics - Frequently Asked Questions



Consolidated FAQs from Early Adaptor Customers of Fusion HCM Aanlytics


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Q) When reporting on headcount – how can we filter only “employees”?
A) Use prebuilt Employee Headcount metric from:
HCM – Workforce Core -> Workforce Headcount Facts -> Facts – Workforce Headcount -> Employee Headcount
(or) You could use a filter expression on Headcount metric – by adding a new calculation:
FILTER ("HCM - Workforce Core"."Facts - Workforce Headcount"."Headcount" USING "HCM
- Workforce Core"."Employment Information"."User Person Type" IN ('Employee'))

Q) Turnover : How can we filter only action reason “resignation”?
A) Create a new calculation on delivered metrics and dimensions. For example, for this one – try the following:
FILTER ("HCM - Workforce Core"."Facts - Workforce Attrition"."Voluntary Termination Headcount" using "HCM - Workforce Core"."HR Action"."Action Reason" LIKE 'Resignation')

Q) Average Headcount metric shows the avg of period start and period end headcount - how are Start and End headcounts considered?
A) If you do not specify a time dimension filter and just pull Avg HC metric – then it considers all periods that’s available in WRKFC assignment snapshot fact table. Let’s say if the data is available from 2013, then the start would be Jan-2013 and end would be Aug-2020. This metric uses analytical functions such as FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE and computes an average. Let’s say start HC for Jan-2013 is 200 and end HC for Aug-2020 is 12000, then the avg is (200+12000)/2=6100.

If you provide a time dimension filter, such as, 2015 Q1 – then the start and end would be considered from 1-Jan-2015 & 31-Mar-2015 respectively.



Q) Can we change the calculations in KPI ?
A) Yes. You can either create new KPIs or copy factory delivered KPIs and modify them. Please reference the following    documentation for editing a KPI:

Q) How can we export in excel file with all details (fields associated) …Edit in bulk?
A) For a OAC DV project, navigate to the Narrate tab and export the tabular data into csv file format.
(Or) For an analysis in BI Classic view - there is an option to export data in to excel file.
Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/analytics-cloud/acubi/export-content-analyses-and-dashboards.html#GUID-4F3BED57-4D18-435D-A42E-EA1419DE0FD1

Q) How can we create a metric – “12months rolling Attrition (Only Resignation)”?
A) Use PERIODROLLING or MSUM/RSUM functions (depending on the requirement) available in OAC to create 12 month rolling metrics: 

Q) How can we use the current OTBI reports? 
A) You can connect to OTBI subject areas through direct connection to HCM Cloud. OAC provides a data connector to Fusion Applications. You can create a Data connection to Fusion OTBI and export data sets – which can then be used to create DV projects and can also be mapped to HCM – Workforce Core subject area.

Q) How can we use AI/ML capabilities?
A) OAC has machine learning capabilities which are available and so are ADW capabilities.
On the link below, click on Machine Learning to learn more about AI/ML capabilities OAC offers:


Q) How does the security work -  How can it be shared with people outside HR?
A) A person without an appropriate HR job role won’t have access to HCM Workforce subject area.


Q) Can we add customized filters to the decks? How can it be linked it to other dashboards?
A) Yes. Deck level filters can be added to custom decks. 

Deck level filters apply to all cards on a deck, it won’t apply to other custom decks, i.e. it can’t be pinned to other decks.