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Fusion HCM Analytics - List of Prebuilt Content

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This post is kept up to date, it contains list of all prebuilt OAC projects / BI dashboards / KPIs and other downloadable custom content for Fusion HCM Analytics. Please click on the links below to navigate to Customer Connect pages where you can download the metadata and import into your Fusion Analytics Warehouse (FAW) environment.

Sr.No Report Name Link to the page
1 Attrition Analysis  Click Here
2 Average Compa Ration Distribution  Click Here
3 Compa Ratio Difference by Gender  Click Here
4 Covid Analysis and Assignment Headcount  Click Here
5 Dashboard for New 6.5 HCM Content  Click Here
6 Data Validation Dashboard  Click Here
7 Detail Drill Down - Use case with Gender, Span of Control  Click Here
8 Detailed Headcount Analysis - By Configured Bands  Click Here
9 Diversity & Inclusion - Ethnicity Viewpoint  Click Here
10 Diversity & Inclusion - Gender Viewpoint  Click Here
11 Diversity Details - Ethnicity View - Worker Type Wise  Click Here
12 Growth Rate Calculations for Hires and Terminations  Click Here
13 Headcount and Terminations - By BUs and Bands  Click Here
14 Hires & Leavers By Job Family , Managers ,Assignment Type & Locations  Click Here
15 New Hire Trends - Forecasting for 3 Years  Click Here
16 Organization Chart  Click Here
17 Period Rolling Time Series Function - Use Case  Click Here
18 Recruiting Dashboard  Click Here
19 Reporting on Current Manager Hierarchy  Click Here
20 Retention Analysis  Click Here
21 Span of Control and Org Levels  Click Here
22 Workforce Core - Assignment Events & headcount movements  Click Here
23 Workforce Core - Overall View  Click Here
24 Workforce Core - Turnover View  Click Here
25 Workforce Mobility , Top N Action reasons for headcount gains & losses due to department change  Click Here
26 FAW HCM - U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Human Capital Disclosure - Sample Dashboard  Click Here
27 Absence Overview dashboard & D&I view  Click Here
28 FAW HCM - Gains & Losses Subject Area & Internal Mobility - Plot probable career path in an Org. Click Here