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Fusion Analytics Warehouse - Upgrade to 7.5

Received Response


Great news! 7.5 has been rolled out, let's apply the upgrade. Please refer the product documentation for what's new in this release - take me there.
Note: The update is required to be scheduled and run before it is auto updated on 11-Oct-2021.

There's couple of ways to apply the update:

Schedule Data Model and Content Update in one go:

  • Sign in to FAW instance, click on applications menu on the left and then click on Console.

  • On the Console page, click on Updates tile

  • Schedule data model update by selecting a date from the calendar

  • For the Content Update choose "Apply immediately after Data Model update" option. 

    Click on Save.


By Using Upgrade Banner on Data Config

Using the upgrade banner available on the FAW Console -> Data Configuration page,  you can run the target data model upgrade and then schedule the content upgrade. The upgrade steps using the banner are similar to the steps described for 6.5 Upgrade Post - Click Here.


  • Hi Ravi,

    Do you know if planned updates/maintenance for FAW will have some kind of email notification? Currently, OAC stand-alone sends out an email for upcoming updates/maintenance so wondering if FAW will do the same down the road?