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FAW HCM - How to grant full access to HCM data

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FAW HCM - How to grant full access to data

How do I get full access to the data; to be able to see all employees across the company. Is there a special role or special way to accomplish this?

I have all security assignments already assigned to myself within the security assignments screen in FAW.

Currently I can only see my team. I need to set up several people as FAW Developers to be able to create content within FAW and will need to see across all locations, departments, legislative data groups, legal entities to be able to properly test the custom content.



  • I have been working with an Oracle Partner (oracle resource) and this was the solution offered:

    Add yourself only to the below HCM groups and remove other HCM groups. Additionally, get rid of all security contexts that we had assigned earlier, HR Analyst already has the access to all security contexts.

    • FAW Licensed HCM Authors
    • FAW Modeler Administrator
    • Human Resource Analyst

    I think this resolved our issues.

    More questions I am getting answered:

    1.      How would I add back groups and security assignments to see the remaining HR data? (Recruiting/Talent/etc)

    2.      Can I be added back to the FIN and SCM groups, do they impact this HCM issue at all? 

    3.      Does this bypass the secured views and not implement those in the physical sql query or does it grant me access to everything so when it does join to those secured views, it is not restricting me?