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OBI 12c pivot table excel export

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Hi there!

As we recently moved from the (not longer supported) Oracle Discoverer to the BI Suite 12c, I wanted to ask if there

is any way, to get the old behavior of exporting pivot tables to excel sheets.

While the excel export itself is working as expected, I'm missing the advanced features in the generated sheet, like

provided in the discoverer exports:

  • full dataset export
  • clickable filter / report prompts

so basically, the discoverer pivot exports were more of a fully (interactive) representation of the "live" report.

The BI export is restricted to the selected filter values right before the export.

Is there is any way to restore the old behaviour?

kind regards



  • a) Full dataset export = Exort to CSV. Excel does a visual representaiton. NOT a pure data dump.

    b) Clickable filters = SmartView When you *download* from OBIEE then you get zero interaction.

    It's a different tool with different functionalities and approaches, so you will need to use all of the aspects

    - export to excel

    - export to CSV

    - SmartView

    And of you want pixel-perfect outputs then you'll also need BI Publisher

  • Thank you Christian,

    SmartView seems to offer what we're looking for. I'll check it out.