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PDF Output does not show the QRCode Image

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BI Publisher Desktop 64 Bit - Windows 10 -, Build 12.210

I am doing a Proof of Concept to use QRCODE in BI Publisher, using IDAutomation Demo 
I have followed the below articles written by Tim Dexter

I have implemented the steps mentioned in the articles
I am able to generate the QR Code and the image shows in the generated RTF output.
And I am able to scan with phone and get the Text that is encoded.

But the QR Code is working only for the RTF Output.
When I generate the output in PDF Format, it is not showing the QR Code Image, but it is just showing as plain encoded text.
There are no exceptions when the PDF file is generated (with plain encoded text instead of QR Code Image).

I also tried to put the IDAutomation2D.OTF file in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat Reader 2015\Resource\Font'

But IDAutomation forums support said not to install the OTF Font.

I have tried using BI Publisher Template Viewer Tool as well as the MS Word Plugin, but PDF is not showing the QR Code Image
Output is also not generated for PNG, JPG

IDAutomation Support said below when I asked the same reason.

    "The embedding process is handled by the application. The barcode font (custom font) does not know the process of embedding through it can be embedded in the document. IDAutomation does not support the actual process even though the fonts can be embedded. The best solution is to contact Oracle support to obtain their procedures for embedding custom fonts into PDFs.""

IDAutomation Support also confirmed that we can produce PDF output for QRCODE with Demo version

Is there anything additionally we have to do for PDF/JPG/PNG Output for QR Code?

Thanks for any help