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Design of rtf template for multiple data sets

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Design of rtf template for multiple data sets


Hi Guru's


I am having trouble to display column data for CUST_NO_INV as it appears in the xml. The values are coming through as null values. Now for the sake of simplicity I will only show you a portion of the xml of which I am interested in. I want to have the output in a flat file exported showing column CUST_NO_INV in column A of excel file and CONS_BILL_DISP in column B of the excel file.


Now the problem as I see it the one part of the data lies in G_CUST_INV data set and the other lies in G_1.


So how do I build the template that will allow each record to show me the customer number and it's correllated bill number?


Any help or guidance would be most appreciated.


Message was edited by: 2810700 I have now attached the xml sample file and rtf. Please have a look and see if what I want are possible.