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BIP Bursting to DFS



BIP Bursting to DFS


Hi all,

Is it possible to reference a mapped SAN share in a bursting definition.
For example, in Production, we have a share that can be accessed via \\prod\obiee$ and on the application server that OBIEE is installed, it's mapped to Z:\.
In Development, our share can be accessed via \\dev\obiee$ but is also mapped to Z:\.

Because we migrate our reports through our development environments and into Production, I don't want to have to update the delivery location in the burst definition every time to reflect the full path so I want to use Z:\ instead.
That way it will work in both dev and prod environments.

Does anyone have idea if this is possible?

Two other ideas I had were:

1. Use a repository variable if possible in the bursting definition to set the delivery location though i'm not sure this is possible.
2. Store the locations in a database table and join to this table in each burst definition. This is a lot of work and would be worst case scenario.

Thanks in advance,