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Essbase Export/Import from Remote Server other than the Essbase Server

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Is it possible to export import from a remote Server in Maxl Syntax


Hi All,


Is it possible to export /import data from/to a remote server other than the essbase server? I have gone through the tech reference and see the the "from server" syntax but I think that is just the Essbase Server. Please correct me if am wrong. Also since this is my first post on Essbase on the new forums please let me know if this is not the right space to post this question.





  • GlennS_3
    GlennS_3 ✭✭✭

    to import, you could map the network drive and then it will be considered local. By default exports go to the "App" directory but using MaxL or from EAS, you can deviate from that. In the MaxL import statement you specify the path of where the file is coming from.  I will tell you imports are faster if the file is in the database directory  

  • Thanks for the comment Glenn, let us say because of security restrictions I am not allowed to and not given the access to map. Can we in that case somehow export/import to a remote server. I just want to hear no so I can let my server admins know. Also Essbase is on the Linux side.

  • GlennS_3
    GlennS_3 ✭✭✭

    Especially for export NO. for import, if MaxL were installed on that server and somehow could be triggered, you could import