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  • Philippe,

    I am new to Oracle Analytics Cloud (but not new to BI tools - 25 years).  I currently develop on the web.  Does DV Desktop offer me anything different or better than the web version of editing?

  • Hi Robert, DV Desktop is meant to have similar features as DV so the first answer to your question is no, nothing different.

    Technically this is very largely true, but some web/destkop constraints create slight feature differences :

    - some limitations : some collaboration features, security features are obviously different when on Desktop

    - some extensions : DV Desktop allows to easily upload & consume custom python or R scripts, when security does restrain this in most of our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. It also allows some extended connectivity (ODBC) as many custom drivers can be deployed on your own desktop, not on the Cloud servers.

    - performance : typically, Desktop HW << Cloud HW

    But again, for the very large part of the feature capabilities Desktop = OAC

    hope that helps


  • yes, it helps, thank you.  i just want to make sure they are kept in sync (for the most part) or if not, then as long as i know which one Oracle focuses on, then i'll use that method.  sounds like they are kept in sync.

    is it possible when in DV Desktop to save my local data in a file and then upload it to this forum in another post, and get help on a question? i know with Tableau we use to do that and it helped alot.  Although it seems like this forum doesn't get alot of activity yet, i am assuming since it's the newer version?

    thanks for your valuable insight.

  • Hi Robert, yes, it's pretty easy to export and exchange projects via dva files, between OAC environments, from desktop to OAC or vice versa, with or without including data, etc. You can export DVA files from within the project or from the OAC project page, see the two screenshots below.

    let me know if not your question



  • Ok great.  Thank you for your help!  I will use this when asking a question on this forum.