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BI Publisher Error: XML-22047: (Error) Invalid instantiation of xsl:template in fo:inline context

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BI Publisher template ends in error in oracle fusion cloud


Hello There,

We are having a BIP rtf template which we use in Oracle Cloud Application 19C ( We added a for each group and when it is uploaded in application cloud it gives an error as below. Please find attach rtf template and sample xml document for your reference: oracle.xdo.XDOException: oracle.xdo11g.xslt.XSLException: xdoxsl:///Custom/Financials/Receivables/Bill Presentment/Subtemplates/OD_Invoice_sub_DE.xsb<Line 991, Column 87>: XML-22047: (Error) Invalid instantiation of xsl:template in fo:inline context.

For the grouping in the template, we are using the below statement:

<?for-each-group:G_LINE;ACTUAL_SHIP_DATE?><?sort:ACTUAL_SHIP_DATE;'ascending'?>     AND



When we run the xml loade rtf template, it gave an error regarding the sort. We removed the sort option and in the standalone it provides the output as expected (the grouping). We are using BI Publisher Desktop (version:      Build

When we upload the template in Oracl Cloud, it does generate the xml file but not the pdf. The error is stated as above.

Could you please assist us in resolving the error issue?

Look forward to hearing from you





BI Publisher Desktop (version: Build and Oracle Cloud Application 19C (