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email on order submit BIP report



I'm trying to build something to take the place of the business trigger logic since I can't change the data going into that email


looking to send an email automatically to the customer when a manual order is entered, and if possible, when an EDI for a customer comes in.

If I want to create my own data source and report, I'm thinking that I somehow have to trigger an event to deliver an email to the customer when a manual order is entered or and EDI order comes in, both only working if a contact email is associated with the order. 

I just can't figure out how to send it out when it's created and not send it out repeatedly.

I tried going the route of using the Manage Business Event Trigger Points, but the data source can't be changed from the unexplained XML source that is set for that RTF file.


Oracle Cloud 19d OTBI 11.119