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How can I create multiple dashboard prompts on the same Dashboard page that work independently of each other?


Hi, I created a dashboard page where I have a prompt at the top of the page that controls the visuals I see in graphs in the top section, and I want a different set of prompts that control the results I see in a pivot table in a section below the graphs. I see where I can set the 'scope' for the prompt to 'Page' instead of Dashboard so it works independently of the prompts on the other page, but I cannot figure out how to make the two prompts on the same page work independent of each other. I tried making a new column and also a page break, but the two prompts on the page still seem to control each other...... Any tips to try are greatly appreciated. 

Attached is a screen shot of what the dashboard page template looks like with the two prompts circled. Thank you!



OAC Dashboard Prompt Screen Capture 2-3-2020.JPG


  • Prompts have dashboard or page scope. You're looking for an analysis or section scope. And that you can only do with "cheating" as in building the second prompt and second analysis (your pivot) in a way that only those two communicate to each other and the analysis doesn't listen to the main prompt anymore.

    E.g. column modifications to break the out of the box prompt response in filters and/or using presentation variables instead of normal filtering.

  • Thank you, Christian. I will give it a shot!