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A working visualization in OAC does not show up after a few days and says 'Query Error'. Why is this

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A working visualization in OAC does not show up after a few days and errors (Query Error).


Hello All,

I had a working visualization in OAC with appropriate measures and showed up fine, as part of an OAC report. This was saved and shared to other users in OAC. It does not show up after a few days and errors, saying, 'Query Error'. When clicked on 'More Detail' attached is the error screenshot I get.

Why would this happen?

The concern is that, it worked fine and showed up the story to the users a few days back. Then why does it error now?

Note: Deleting and recreating the visualization with same metrics (x-axis, y-axis and expression filters) brings up the visualization fine.






  • You are definitely hitting the query governor.

    Now, why it is intermittent is the question.
    Are there usage spikes? Any ETL or other updates on the data source when these occur?
    Are you using Remote Data Gateway?

    You may need to work with Oracle Support / DevOps to investigate further if you cannot identify any patterns on the intermittency.

    There are some enhancements around this area coming in 5.6

  • Thanks Steve. What exactly, you mean by query governor? Also, do you mean the enhancements would be part of OAC-Autonomous 5.6?



  • The current default timeout limit in OAC is 10 minutes irrespective of how many OCPUs you scale to. You are encouraged to tune your queries in the datasource(s) to fall under the current timeout utilizing partitioning, aggregation tables, indexing or user filters. Oracle is working on a feature that allows a certain percentage of queries to exceed the default timeout. Specific capabilities and limitations will be documented if and when the feature is made available to customers. 

    Yes, targetted for OAC 5.6

    In your case, you may not have a query over the 10-minute governor, but there may  be other issues going on at the time that is causing this intermittent behavior. I have observed it in the past when some DDL was occuring on the database (like an ETL).

    If you need, you may need to work with Support to help you narrow it down. It may take a combination of understanding your datasource, topology,  log review on OAC and monitoring activity on the data source.

    I hope that helps.