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DAC changes required for RPD migration

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We have a datawarehouse (DWH) with DIM and FACT tables and OBIEE report is build on top of that. The datawarehouse is loaded through Informatica ETL from JDE source system and Informatica ETL workflows are triggered through a DAC scheduler

Currently, as per the requirement I need to add a new column in PRODUCT DIM and make the same changes in OBIEE reports. The DWH changes of adding a new column in PRODUCT DIM (on DIM tables) are done on RPD. In our case in each environment (DEV, QA and PROD) RPD changes are made manually, meaning we pull DEV RPD make changes and save, pull QA RPD and make changes and save and similarly for PROD RPD. (No migration of RPD from DEV to QA and PROD).

Based on the above scenario, do I need to make changes in PRODUCT_D table of DAC also (adding new columns in PRODUCT DIM)? Since we are making changes directly in RPD do we need to import the DAC patch from lower to higher env as part of migration?