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Can we achieve BIP Bursting like functionality in OAC classic reports

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How to achieve BIP bursting like functionality in OAC classic reports to deliver the reporting content to multiple stakeholders by email for different parameter selections.

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We have developed some complex reports in OAC classic with many report parameters (currently via dashboard prompts)

Now after all the development, we get this new requirement to schedule the execution of these reports and deliver via email with different prompt parameters for different stakeholders . E.g. For each report, we have over 4000+ different combinations of values in the parameters to choose . These values will have to be auto selected, executed and delivered just like how BIP bursting feature works (4000+ executions for different combinations)

Is this requirement feasible in OAC? Any approach/solution/best practices about how we can achieve this in OAC classic report using OBI agent delivers.

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OAC  January 2023 Update

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  • Hi Venkat,

    One approach I can think of,

    1) Setup a separate subject area for this activity ( Copy of existing subject area)

    2) Setup data level security on this new subject area. All the prompts on the reports has to be setup as a data level security filters. 4000+ combinations can be setup in a table.

    3) OACS Classic agents cab be created for these report. Agents can be setup with "Run as Recipient" option.



  • Hi Bharath

    Thanks for the input. The challenge here is every recipient will have multiple combinations of parameter selections for report executions and each of that combinations will have to be selected ,executed and delivered in a recurring mode one after the other.

    E.g. Recipient 1

    1) Ledger 1, Location 1, Department 1, Channel 1 --- first combination of parameters to be selected, executed once and delivered as report 1

    2) Ledger 1, Location 2, Department 1, Channel 1 --- second combination of parameters to be selected,executed once and delivered as report 2

    3) Ledger 1, Location 2, Department 1, Channel 3 --- third combination of parameters to be selected,executed once and delivered as report 3

    Like wise, for each of the above combination, the report is executed and delivered as many no of times for each of the recipients based on the no of parameter combinations. Overall, there are 4000+ such unique combinations.

    In the suggested approach, for a given recipient, all combinations will be selected and executed via data level security in one go (E.g. all the above 3 combinations at once) but like BIP bursting, it has to be one report execution and delivery for one unique combination of defined parameter values and not all the parameters of the recipient at once.



  • Hi Venkat,

    We had faced a similar challenge and tried with data-level security. However, after a while, it becomes too complicated to handle. Thus we had to recreate the reports in BIP and used bursting.

    I would recommend that you go for BIP+bursting. Use existing queries from current reports to create data model to ease redevelopment efforts.


    Siddharth Dang