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Drill down capability using hyperlinks to the transaction pages

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Drill down capability using hyperlinks to the transaction pages


Hi, I would like to know how we can build an OTBI report with an embedded link (url) that could actually help the users to drill down into the page. for example, i would like to build an OTBI report with a list of all customers accounts, contacts and addresses.. along with a hyperlink for the account and addresses sections. Clicking on the account # hyperlink should enable the user to go directly to the "customer account details page in AR"

This would be of tremendous help to the business users to avoid  multiple clicks and go directly to the needed sections and pages to make the necessary updates.

Please let know if and how this can be achieved.





  • Its very simple, from the Criteria, select the measure you want to drill on. Then Select Column Properties, go to the interaction tab. 

    IN the Primary Interaction tab, select Action link, then add an action link, select the Create New Action Green Icon, and from the list select navigate to BI content, select the report you want them to drill into, name the action, and save it.

    hope that helps, not sure if there is another way but thats how i have figured it out..

  • Hello Jennifer, Thank your response.. i will try the options you have suggested and let you know.

    Just an add-on question.. can the link be made dynamic ? Like, the link for customer account on each row in the results should be able to take in the customer account number as a dynamic token and then open the correct account details page. Similarly, the link for addresses should be able to take in the party site id as the token dynamically and be able to drill right into the addresses page for maintenance.

    Please let know.



  • Raghu, that I am not sure sorry

  • Not a problem. Thank you Jennifer.


    I will try some options and let you know if it works