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Anyone experience issues with Reporting using IE 11?



Anyone experience issues with Reporting using IE 11?


I am running into problem when using my IE v11 browser in BI Publisher.  All of a sudden buttons within Agents used to schedule reports stop working.  Then, more recently portions of an OTBI dashboard prompt that I built are not visible/cut off from view in a dashboard I created.  My peers with similar access and IE 11 do not experience the problem--buttons work and the prompts are fully visible.  When I switch to FireFox, buttons and prompts are fully visible.  Clearing my IE cache does not resolve the problem. 

This happened once before and Support was unable to provide me a solution.  It finally went away only after we were upgraded to a new release.  At this point, I am the only one experiencing this problem.  I am the primary person working to stand up metrics and reports for our company, so I really need to get this resolved. I'm concerned this will begin happening to other users and our corporate standard browser is Internet Explorer.  I'm opening another support ticket, but thought I would check to see if anyone else in the community has experienced this same issue and if anything was found to clear up the problem.