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Merged cell in Excel 2007 Excel Export



Can you remove the merged cell in a 2007 Excel OBI export?



When you export a large document from OBI to 2007 Excel, there is a merged cell that is present after the last row of data in the file.  This makes sorting and filtering impossible.  I know that I can delete the cell, or even export in 2003 Excel to avoid it altogether, but 2007 is the preferred format that we use for most of our scheduled agents, and the merged cell is giving our users some issues.

Does anyone know of a way to remove the merged cell PRIOR to export so that our users won't have to deal with it?



- Doug



  • Hi Doug,

    This is a known bug with OBI and would probably get fixed in future release.

    As of now the only workaround known are manual one. We have to go to bottom of the table and unmerge the cell.

    If we don't wish the users to do it each time, some developer from your team can create an excel macro utility which the users add-in to their Excel program and run before utilising data. This is the only way to expedite the process.


    Kiran Shenvi




  • Thanks for the help, Kiran.  Greatly appreciated.

    - Doug