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Table View is missing from BIP Data Model in R11



Why was Table View taken away from BIP Data Model in R11 and how do we get it back?


When editing a Data Model in R10, there was a link to View the data in "Table View" which was very nice.  That option has been taken away in R11.  Now we can only preview data in a column, only one row at a time. Are you kidding me?  The suggested workaround is to export the XML data and open it in Excel.  Are you kidding me?  We need to quickly view data in a tabular form, directly  in BI, while writing and debugging queries.  I'm not asking for a new feature to be added - only for the old feature, which worked well, to be added back. Does anyone else agree?


  • I agree that this is an issue. I use that feature all the time for debugging and testing of queries. It is something that is definitely useful and helpful. Exporting to Excel is not a productive work around.

  • Hello Charles,

    you are not the only one who has discovered this rather unfortunate loss of functionality, and several enhancement requests have been raised to get it back, already. The main bug for it seems to be this one:

        Bug 23145991 : DATA MODEL RESULTS - TABLE VIEW

    It looks like Oracle is working on getting this bug fixed by the year end. I can see that there is already a code fix for the next BI Publisher version, and they just need to backport that.

    Here is another forum thread with more detail:

        R11 - Table View missing in BIP Data Model

    Maybe someone else on this forum can add some more specifics on timing by now. This feature is very much needed.



  • Thanks for raising the issue!  The Table View will be restored in the Nov. patch.