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OBI Self-Service Reporting (i.e. OBI Content View Only)



Have any customers been successful with launching OBI Self-Service?


Oracle told us they do not have folder security permissions and Read-Only capability for reports properly working for the OBI Content View Only user group until 15B. Just wondering if any other customers are experiencing the same problem for earlier releases? Has anyone been successful in launching self service Taleo reporting with OBI for releases earlier than 15B?


  • Hi Shikha,

    We are using 15 A right now, and Folder security works for me. I have users whom I have given read only access & full access to OBI reports/dashboards.

    So by default all the folders/content is public under Shared Folders in OBI. You can secure the folder which you do not want to be visible to everyone or specific group/s.

    First you need to have groups based on different user roles. Then you can select which folder should be visible to which group, which would have predefined permissions.

    • View Reports and Dashboards (Report Viewer / BI Consumer)
    • Author Content (Limited) (Report Developer (limited) / BI Author (Limited))
    • Author Content (BI Developer) (Report Developer / BI Author Developer)

    To Manage Folder Security:

    1. From the Welcome Center / Table of Contents, access Configuration > Reporting and Analytics Administration > Oracle BI Administration
    2. Under the section Folder Security select the link to Edit
    3. On the left side in the section OBI Folders, it will list all folders from the Catalog screen in OBI
    4. If you select a specific folder on the left, on the right side in the section SmartOrg Reporting User Groups it will display a list of all available User Groups
    5. Check the box next to the User Group on the right side that is to have access to the folder