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Encountering limitations on the exports from agents


I am currently encountering an issue where exporting data through an agent is cutting off at 25,000 rows even though the agent is set to use data and CSV on the export option.

I understand there is a limit of 25,000 rows when you export through excel, however using data - csv usually bypasses this and uses the higher limit. However I am having trouble automating this through an agent.

Has anyone else encountered this issue or know a way around it?

Thanks in advance for any help.



  • Hi Neil,

    This is due to the parameters set in the BI config files on the BI server. Generally, these parameters cannot be changed for cloud BI instances. There is one setting for normal export to CSV, and another for Agents.

    You can get more rows of data by using the BI Cloud Connector, where you can schedule data extracts.

    Learn more about it here.

    Using BI Publisher scheduled reports is another option. The limits for BI Publisher are different in that they are dependent on "Memory Guard" settings.
    Learn more about these settings here: 
        -  Oracle Fusion BI Publisher: How to request changes for the BI Publisher Memory Guard settings (Doc ID 2199494.1)


    Thank you,

    Chris Dabel
    Oracle Fusion Support

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this reply, I had been told by Oracle support that the settings can't be changed but the export of CSV through an agent should use the CSV limit and not be cut off at a lower limit. However I believe your answer is correct.

    Do you know if there is any plans to match agent limits to the data type they are exporting or is this not in the pipeline?


  • Hi Neil,
    I do not believe there are plans to increase the Agent CSV export limit.
    I recommend logging a Service Request to allow us to hear the business
    requirement and advise you on how we can help meet the requirement.