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is it possible to report where you have a count of the number of employees in a age range - the age ranges would be columns and then rows would be the Department Grouping they are in?

I would then section by Grade


  • Yes, for this, you could do this:

    Use a pivot measure for each of the columns containing the age range employee counts.

    The column formulas will look like this:

    Column1 formula:
    FILTER("# of Employees" USING "employee age" BETWEEN 16 AND 20)

    Column2 formula:
    FILTER("# of Employees" USING "employee age" BETWEEN 21 AND 26)


    OBIEE Pivot measures are detailed very well in this resource:

    2)  Then add the Department column to the analysis.

    3)  Then create a new, Pivot Table view > Edit the view.

    4)  Drag Department to the rows

    5)  Move around the columns until it looks like what you want.

    (I'm not sure what you mean by section by Grade, but you can experiment in the pivot table and move your Grade column to different parts in the Pivot Table layout editor and see how the view changes in real time as you move Grade around.)

    7)  Alternatively, you might also consider creating a Graph view on this analysis. This requirement seems amenable to a bar graph visualization.

    Thank you,

    Chris Dabel

    Oracle Fusion Support