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External Data Sources



Hi All 

We are creating a bespoke application to complement Oracle Fusion. This application takes information from Oracle, processes it and then feeds it back into Oracle via an API. 

Is it possible to create a data feed from our bespoke application and be able to import that feed into OBIEE and then report on it? (we would have primary keys, such as project numbers, from both systems). 


  • You may not be able to do this by bringing data in to ERP cloud from other sources and report out of OBIEE / BI Publisher.  If you need to report data out of other data sources then you have to for BI Cloud service.  In BI Cloud, you can bring date from different data sources including Fusion ERP cloud and report under one reporting platform.  You have to get licenses for BICS



  • OTBI and BI publisher can both use flat files as a data source. You could bring that data back in as a flat file data source so that you can do whatever you with in OTBI or BI publisher. It is also possible in BI publisher to use a web service to overwrite the source flat file to update the data but not have to modify the report layout.