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Editing Dashboard: Embedded Content

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I need to edit the embedded content on a dashboard but cannot - why?


Hi all - our team copied reports from production to stage this weekend.  I noticed that when a report is in BIP, I have to change the link to point to stage and not to production.  However, I have one dashboard that I cannot edit and I am not sure why.  In the screenshot, you will see that I am trying to edit the New Hire Report Element Entry and I clicked on the Properties box and chose Properties to then see the pop-up in the screenshot.  However, I cannot edit the embedded content.  Can anyone help me with how I can edit this?  At first I thought this was an OTBI report since I couldn't edit the link, but it definitely is a BIP report.  Thank you!



  • Prudence K
    Prudence K ✭✭✭✭

    Hi all - circling back to my original post ... I found out that when you add the report to the dashboard from the Catalog (vs adding as a link through the embedded content dashboard object), it will look like this.  I've been told this is what you want to use when you are using OTBI prompts for your report.  Now I know, now you do too!