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Restricting access to OTBI Subject area and data elements within a subject area



How do we restrict subject area access to a user through security role?


Subject area access is driven by duty roles. A duty role  'Workforce Transaction Analysis Duty'  for example is mapped to 10 subject areas. My first question is if it is possible to create a role that limits access to specific subject areas ? In the above example: we would like the user to have only access to 5 subject areas within the 10 that 'Workforce Transaction Analysis Duty' provides access to.  In other words, how can I give access to just the specific subject areas that the user needs?

The second question is if a user has access to a subject area, can I restrict access to certain data elements within that subject area. For example, gender field may be hidden for the user in the front UI (person management) through page personalization but user would still be able to report on ethnicity using OTBI subject area. How can we restrict the ethnicity data element in the subject area?

Thanks, Lakshmi