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Different report in same Excel file with differents sheet

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Different report in same Excel file with differents sheet


Hi Experts,
I created 3 new reports as per our customer requirements. But they need all the reports in single excel file(one report in sheet 1, another in sheet 2 & other in sheet 3). Is it possible to do? If it can be done, please guide me.
Nirmal kumar


  • In August, there was a post answering this question.  I was able to successfully export multiple tabs to excel by following the instructions below:

    There is a workaround to this by doing the following (as an example with a summary table and a detail table)
    Tab 1 = Excel Export
    Tab 2 = Summary
    Tab 3 = Detail
    On Tab 1, I put the summary table at the top and the detail table below that.  Then on the detail table, I edit the format container and click the arrow to open the Additional Formatting Options section.  In the Height box, type 100% and then click OK.  Now when you export Tab 1, it will export the summary table in the first Excel tab and the detail tab in the second Excel tab.  Something to note though ... you cannot name the Excel tabs, so it will say Sheet 1 and Sheet 2, but it's a multi-tab export!  One other thing to note, the first tab needs to be the Excel export if you are going to export the analysis ... unless there is a setting I am missing, I can only ever schedule the first tab.
    Kudos to Tim Orrange (ThinkTalent) for teaching me this, thank you!!


  • Hi Nirmal,

    You can create a dashboard and add individual report on new page and then try downloading the entire dashboard.

    Hope this helps.



  • Hi Guys, 

    Thanks for your reply. I am done with this requirement. Below are the steps which I followed to achieve this. 

    1. First create 2 or more data sets in data model
    2. After creating Data model(DM) create report.
    3. While creating report, Drag all the columns from first data set and then click page break to separate the report(1st report in sheet 1)
    4. After clicking page break option, drag the columns from second data set. 
    5. Now the reports will come in sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3 etc



    Nirmal kumar