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OTBI Analysis: How can we enable Multiselect for a table prompt?





As you can see in my screenshot, I want to enable the multiselect for a table prompt.

PS1: I can't use dashboard for my need.

PS2: I can't use the Prompt TAB (in the analysis), even if it's a good idea, but we select the values of prompts once, than, prompts disappear (only if someone knows how to make them appear permanantly).


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  • Hello,


    Anyone to answer?


    Thank you

  • Hi i always used Dashboard Approach to meet such requirements, create dashboard prompts and include prompts on top and report users can change prompts and see different views of data without navigating away from report.

    • Report Prompts - Only visible when you run report and it is not what you want
    • Table Prompts - Will not provide flexibility you are looking

    For now try to create dashboard which will give the same results you looking for..however i am interested to check if there is another approach.


  • Thank you Prasanna,

    It's exactly what I described, can't use Dashboard.


    Even when Using dashboard, we have another need, which is, in analysis inside dashboard, we need to use Multiselect,

    I really don't understand, when we use Analysis prompts, why we have to navigate away from report to be able to choose different values for prompts.





  • Hi Brahmia,

    1.You can do that at the analysis level by using column selectors in OBI Answers,

    2. The other ways is to create dashboards prompts.




  • Hello Ramesh,


    Thank you for your response..

    I don't see how this can be possible using Column selectors?

    Can you detail it please with an example?


    Thank you,