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OTBI Pivot Table TopN function



Hi, can someone provide some quidance on restricting pivot table results (and associated chart) to the Top 10 results based on Nationality by Person Count. 

Thanks in advance




  • Hi Linda, 

    Have you tried going onto the results tab, right-clicking on the 'Country' cell (could be Nationality for you), Keep Only > Top X > Based on Person Count > 10. 

    This will generate the relevant SQL into your report and will enable you to then build pivot tables and charts with only the top 10 selected. 

    I have attached the XML for a very simple report I just built. Have a look at the SQL to see how it works. Simply click on the Advanced tab and paste the XML code into the 'Analysis XML' box. Then click Apply XML and then navigate back to the Results tab. 

    Kind Regards


  • Hi Aaron

    Thank you so much  for your assistance. I was scratching around in selection steps and calculated items whereas what you have directed me to was so simple (always the case smiley)

    Thanks again