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Unable to download BI publisher report output



Unable to download BI publisher report output


Unable to download BI publisher report output when the report is scheduled via webservice call. The output link is grayed out. Any idea why?


  • Please provide more details such as:

    1. When the report was scheduled, what was the output mode (PDF, ETXT, CSV etc).
    2. Is the report using Bursting?
    3. Was the report completed successfully? 
  • 1. The report was scheduled via WebService call and the output format was TXT.

    2. Bursting - No

    3. Report completed - Yes


  • Try this for testing:

    • Go to <instance_name>/analytics
    • Navigate to the report, and click on “More” below report name.
    • Select “Permissions” from the drop-down menu.
    • On pop-up window, select + icon, search for desired user/role , and add it to Selected Member pane by clicking on >> button.
    • At the right-bottom side of the pop-up window, select Custom for Set Permission To LOV, and press OK button to close the pop-up window.
    • Browse list of user/role on window, and click on pencil icon.
    • Ensure that you have selected last option “View Publisher Output” for the user. Click OK button to close all open window.
    • Try to run report one more time and see if you are able to see the output using the desired user/role.

    Please note sometimes permissions takes time to effect, depending on schedule of security programs.

    If this test is successful for the desired user, then you have the cause. Repeat the same steps for desired role.

  • Did it resolved your problem? If yes, then please mark this question as answered.