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What is the privilege for "Create Direct Database Query" in OTBI



What is the privilege for "Create Direct Database Query" in OTBI


Dear All,

I have a custom BI Role for Line Managers to access their BI Dashboard. Since Learning Activities are not yet available in Workforce Learning Real Time subject area, therefore I have created analysis based on direct queries. Now these analysis are not visible to Line Managers as they do not have access to analysis subject area "Create Direct Database Query".

What privilege I should add to custom BI role so that they can get access to it.

Thanks and Regards,


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  • Hi Adil,

    Someone correct me if in wrong, but as far as I'm aware Direct Database Queries override the data security model present in OTBI. This means if business users have access then they would be able to query pretty much anything they want, hence why it's not a recommended tool for production reports and only BI Administrators have access to it by default. Taking the query and creating the report via BI Publisher would be a much better alternative until Learning Activities are released.

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  • Thanks Aaron, Very good point. I will check whether security is applicable or not. OTBI reports does not embed on dashboard very well. Also not very convenient when setting prompts.

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  • Move to the correct forum.  I believe the answer is the BI Admin role.

  • Hi Julian,

    Yes it is only available to BI Admin and also security is not applicable on query based analysis. That is why I converted BI analysis to BI Reports. Now I have 2 problems here. When report is pasted on Dashboard, it does not embed very well like BI Analysis. Report name tab is visible, controls for save as are visible and scroll bars are also there (See attached picture). How to change report so that it is seem less? Secondly Performance Tile graph is not available in report, how to achieve it?

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  • Hi All,

    We are supposed to achieve this Direct Database Query option in two steps,

    From analytics level, we have to set a privilege to the Non-Admin user using Manage Privileges option.
    We have to enable the Direct Database Query option in RPD. Since we don't have access to RPD it is not possible to achieve.
    And also based on the document(Doc ID 2141412.1) and SR update provided by Oracle, this option is only enabled for Admin user. 
    It is clearly mentioned as a BUG in oracle Document(Bug 18652706).


    Vijay S

  • This feature is being deprecated for CLOUD environment from 19A releases.

    Refer Doc ID 2141412.1