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Add Password to Report Editing

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Can I add a password to a file to prevent some from opening/editing it?


Hi all - is it possible to add a password to a OTBI or BIP file to prevent anyone from opening it to view the code/set-up or to edit it?  I, as well as others on our team, work on some confidential projects and do not want others to be able to modify the report and see the code that we have set-up, which could in turn tell people information they shouldn't know (EX: List of employees that might receive a special bonus, specific person numbers are used to pull salary information and using formulas to do specific calculations). 

I know that I can use "My Folders", but this does not allow for anyone else to see it - sometimes I may need someone to see the file to either run it themselves or edit it with me.

Is this possible?  Or does anyone have a recommendation of how to manage this otherwise?


  • Reporting folders can have security applied and visibility restricted to a specific user group.

    1.  Create user group which should have access to the confidential reports

    2.  Create a folder in OBI and place the confidential reports in this folder

    3.  Navigate to the Welcome Center / Table of Contents, access Configuration > Reporting and Analytics Administration > Oracle BI Administration

    4.  Under the section Folder Security select the link to Edit

    5.  On the left side in the section OBI Folders, it will list all folders from the Catalog screen in OBI

    6.  Select the confidential folder on the left, on the right side in the section SmartOrg Reporting User Groups it will display a list of all available User Groups

    7.  Check the box next to the User Group on the right side that is to have access to the folder

    See MOS document 2054560.1 for additional details.

    Hope this helps,




  • Use Catalog Groups to secure access to the Report Folder and add users authorized to view it in the Group

  • Prudence K
    Prudence K ✭✭✭✭

    OK!  Thank you to you both for the information provided.  Looks like the the reports would be open to everyone due to the security we are currently using, so looks like it will be My Folders and archive/unarchive catalog sharing :)  Thank you!