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Dashboard Prompt Scope for Multiple Pages



I’m building a Dashboard that has 5 pages.  I have a Dashboard prompt on page 1 that allows the user to select a recruiter name.  I want this selection to carry through to the entire dashboard except for page 4 of the dashboard.  On page 4, I want the user to be able to select a different recruiter name(s) if so desired.


My settings are set as follows:

On page 1, I have set the recruiter name prompt to a scope = Dashboard

On page 4, I have set the recruiter name prompt to a scope = Page


What I’m finding is that the prompt on page 1 overwrites my prompt on page 4.  If I select recruiter name = Jane Smith on page 1, it will carry through to all of the pages in the Dashboard.  On page 4, only Jane Smith is shown in the drop-down menu in my recruiter name prompt.  However, on page 4, I want the user to have the option to select any recruiter they want.  


Would you know if there’s a way to make the prompt on page 4 independent from the prompt on page 1?


  • Hello Megan,

        I'm moving this to the OBIEE forum for you as somebody there might have a better solution.

    What I would recommend is for page 4, create a new prompt and modify the prompt/listener so it's unique.  Maybe trim(recruiter name).  This way it will be treated as a distinct entity.



  • RichardChan
    RichardChan ✭✭✭✭

    Hi How about populating a presentation variable with the first page then defaulting your "dashboard scope" pages to this presentation variable and not using it for the independent page