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R13.x Deprecated and New BI View Objects



This posting includes R13 deprecated Business Intelligence View Objects (BIVOs) that are unavailable for extraction using BI Cloud Connector (BICC) in Oracle Applications Cloud. It also includes new BIVOs and columns, including which are selected for extraction in BICC.


This posting is applicable to customers using BICC to extract data from Oracle Applications Cloud. The spreadsheets in this posting are published by Oracle BI Cloud Adapter Development. They document deprecated, inactive, and new BIVOs. Deprecated BIVOs and BIVO columns that are inactive are unavailable for extraction using BICC in Oracle Applications Cloud. Customers can use these spreadsheets to research deprecated and inactive VOs to exclude them from BICC extracts, and to understand the new BIVOs and columns available for extraction.

Additionally, use the following guides that describe the view objects and attributes: