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How to administrate BI Publisher



How to administrate BI Publisher


Hello, I've installed Weblogic 12 and Forms&Reports12

now I've also installed BI Publisher. How can I find now the BI Publisher Domain in Enterprise Manager Console or in Admin Console ?

thanks a lot





  • Chris,

    What exactly do you want to administer? The BI Publisher settings and data connections? Because that's done through BIP itself, not EM or WLS.

  • Hello,

    I thought we can monitor the BI Instance  and do some configuration steps with Admin Server Console like we do in Forms & Reports.

    You mean the only way to do some admin stuff in BI is to connect to the BI domain directly ?

    thanks & regards



  • Of course there are "some configurations" in WLS which hosts the deployment component of BI Publisher just as Enterprise Manager contains the security in the form of application policies and roles.

    It would be easier to answer your question if we knew what you are trying to administer exactly. If you simply want to learn what's there, then best grab the documentation and start looking at what's in the admin console and EM.

  • Hello,

    we are already serving a forms domain and it would be nice if we can centralize the administration, so we could limit ourselves to a single admin interface.
    By the way, I configured the BI instance with the existing weblogic, which also contains the forms domain, so I thought that this bi domain also exists in the existing weblogic.

    I'll go through the Documentation to make me more familiar.