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Current Timestamp Not Updating on OTBI Report

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I'm currently building an HCM Report where it looks at the Timestamp of the change (Hire/Term/etc.) and subtract 1 minute from that timestamp. Then I was hoping to run an agent every minute to pick up any changes in the last minute.  I am trying to use the below filter, but when I run the report the CURRENT_TIMESTAMP does not update every time the report/agent runs. When I run the report normally it has the Timestamp of the last time I edited the report, but if I refresh on the bottom of the report it will pull the current timestamp. Below is the filter I'm trying to use and the HCM Post I created, I've also attached the related XML.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make the current_timestamp update every time the report is run or scheduled to run?


"Assignment Event Details"."Assignment Creation Date" > TIMESTAMPADD(SQL_TSI_MINUTE, -1, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP)

HCM Report Post