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BIP Number Format



Hi all - I have a BIP report we use for absences.  An employee can have absence duration, for example, of 1 or .015 (depending on how they are taking their time). 

If I have the report display those columns in text, it will display 1 and .015 fine, but then I have to convert to number on export. 

If I have it display as a number, it will display based on the number of decimals I choose.  I do not want the report to display duration of 1.000 in order to get the .015 displaying properly as a number.

The report was built by building the data model and then clicking on "Create Report" to build the report with the Report Editor.  We did not upload/use any templates.

Are there any suggestions for this?  Thank you in advance!



  • Just to understand correctly: You want "0.015" - hence the string as it seems to be stored this way - to be displayed as 0.015 - the number, but "1" - again the string - to be displayed as 1 rather than 1.000 - the number?

  • Prudence K
    Prudence K ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Christian,

    I did a little digging and it appears we are using the field DURATION from the ANC_PER_ABS_ENTRIES table.  It appears it is set as a number field.

    What you have is correct:
    YES - 1 and .015
    NO - 1.000 and .015
    NO - 1 and 0 (this would be the rounding of the .015)

    I need to add these together to find total duration someone is out of the office.

    Thank you!