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Report giving blank values for few columns when adding second subject area.


I need to create report to pull performance rating given by manager. Right now i am using : Workforce Management - Performance Rating Real Time subject area. I need to get email id also for an employee so had added second subject area : Workforce Management - Person Real Time. But once i have added second subject area and checking results then few columns like Position Name , Job code , Department Name etc are coming blank. I have checked the dimensionality box in advanced tab also.

Please someone advice whether am i missing something.


  • Hey Manisha - have you added a fact from each subject area?


  • Hi Wade , Yes I have added fact from each subject area.

    Also i observed that i am getting more number of records after adding second subject area.

  • Manisha, I've had this happen once before. I rebuilt the analytic and it started to work again. Or you can create a copy of your current analytic and remove fields until it starts working again (to find the offending field).

    If you added Person Email, you may need to filter on Email type as well.

  • Sorry to chip in, but that kind of  behaviour  points to serious issues with the underlieing model and should be corrected at the source of the issue.

    Just "playing with" the analyses is questionable at best since not everybody will check the numbers because they - rightfully - assume that the system is supposed to deliver correct numbers.

    It's "Analytics" and not "guess the number".

  • Yup - the subject areas are riddled with issues and instability. In some cases, by the time my SRs are created and an OWC is ready, it just starts magically working. We've been replacing with SQL reports where possible.

  • Things to consider when the report is build with more then one subject areas:

    1. You should have common dimension in all the subject areas
    2. Add Measure/Fact from each subject area on the report
    3. In case of unrelated dimensions, apply the "Dimensionality" hint on the OTBI analysis
    4. You should consider the possible grain levels of the different Subject areas