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Oracle report development methodology



Looking to see if there is a suggested report development methodology for use across Oracle reporting tools


Using HCM & ERP and wondering if there is a recommended report development approach that includes report business/functional & technical specification templates, specifically aimed at the different Oracle reporting tools available

Many Thanks





  • Hi Christine,

    Can you please elaborate more on your requirement

    Are you looking for templates for gathering business/functional & technical specification  for creating reports?




  • Hi Ravi
    templates for gathering business/functional & technical specification  for creating reports is exactly what I am looking for along with best practise approach to use the Oracle reporting tools to deliver a report based on the spec. I am looking for the recommended best practise approach/methodology to use for Oracle reporting if there is one or has someone found a tried and test one for themselves
    Many Thanks
  • Mark_Daynes
    Mark_Daynes ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Christine,

    The "along with best practise approach to use the Oracle reporting tools to deliver a report based on the spec" is something we normally do in a number of stages.  The first being to perform an 'art of the possible' session with the stakeholders to let them understand the capabilities of the various tools (analytic on a dashboard, briefing book, a bursting BI Publisher report, Data Viz - if using OAC too, etc) and then to publish a flow diagram to help people to ask questions to decide the ultimate delivery tool based on the consumers and purpose (e.g. is this requirement really a 'static report' that is distributed electronically externally, is this requiement best met as an analytic on a dashboard - and who is going to be building it .... IT ... reporting hub ... citizen developer ... which is ultimately defined as part of the govrnance process.

    I also find it key to really challenge the requirements as the 'I need a report to show invoices on hold' may be better as exception tiles on a dashbaord which deep link back in to the SaaS system auto querying the invoice allowing someone to take immediate action.



  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭


    You could try the Implement part of Oracle Unified Methodology (OUM).

    "Oracle’s Full Lifecycle Method for Deploying Oracle-Based Business Solutions"

    It is "a" method. The latest version was 2016. We have found this useful on past projects. It is not specific to SaaS. 

    It includes how to html pages and template documents for things such as a Design Specification (DS.140) 

    BTW You need to to be an oracle partner to get to the page to download an archive 

    For more information see the following blog