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How to version OBIEE report output sent to webcenter content server



OBIEE reports are scheduled to send to WCC but getting "file already exists"


We have several scheduled reports in OBIEE that are configured to send to the webcenter content server but now getting "file already exists" after the first run. Is there a way to version the files we send or overwrite the existing file for the same Content ID?  I have used the uploadtool from a script and the files were versioned when we sent from the command line. 

OBI Report.PNG


  • It doesn't really help if you double post across two forums.

    1.) This spreads out troubleshooting over two places and penalizes both places as information is disparate

    2.) If you don't post the same information - like screenshots - in both places then we are already back to number 1. Disparate information and troubleshooting gets harder

    Also both "Answers" tags are not appropriate here as BIP is literally a different technology even if it's integrated

  • The audience seemed to be smaller in CCC and i wasn't sure of the overlap. i will attempt to remove the post in MOSC. 

  • Even if the audience is similar it's always a bad idea as there are two places you need to check and in the case keep in line. If somebody posts a reply on the one side you should then post it on the other to make sure that if anybody else answers, they have the same level of information. It's simply a hassle and a waste of time and effort.

    As for your screenshot. In Scheduler Report Job definitions the file name is static.

    If you want something dynamic you may want to look at BIP Bursting:

  • Sorry for the confusion. I realize the file name is static. I prefer it to be static. As you can see in the screenshot i have chosen Content Server and have been publishing daily CSV files. 


    So they show up in the WCC but on day two i get a "file already exists" error. so the files are not being updated. I then call a shell script from Oracle-EDQ that runs the "downloadtool" utility to pull the file from the WCC to the EDQ server and run data quality tests. Also attached is a screenshot of what i am trying to accomplish but using the "uploadtool" utility from EDQ. My goal is to have one file with the same Content ID that has multiple revisions, sent from OBIP via a scheduled report. All of the functionality is available, just can't seem to get it working.




    WCC with revisions.PNG

  • Ok that's a lot clearer. But from inside BIP that's probably not achievable.