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Run an analysis (agent) as target user, but deliver to proxy user



We have some sensitive data which are automatically shielded off through HR roles in the BI Catalog because they are obiee analysis in hcm subject areas.

We have a few specific accountants who need to be able to get the latest employee number report on demand. To fulfill this requirement, I've created an agent for the analysis which can be run by these accountants only by setting the permissions to read/execute for them. However, I have not been able to successfully deliver the report to the user clicking the link. It will send the analysis to my own account.

Analysis containing the data in hcm subject area.
Second analysis (subject area payables transactions real time) with a single column containing formula VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.USER)
Agent setup:

  • Run as specified user (my account)
  • Use a condition: ROWCOUNT('Current Username Analysis') > 0
  • Delivery content: Analysis (the one containing hcm data), deliver excel as attachment
  • Recipients: Left side empty,
    Get recipients from the Analysis Used in the Agent Condition checked > Column Containing Recipients: VALUEOF(USER)
  • Destinations: Devices, specific devices, Email

My theory is that it gets sent to my own account because the 'Current Username Analysis' is also run as (my) proxy user.

Already tried a number of things, but can not get this figured out. Help is very much appreciated!

Kind regards,