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Embed BIP Report with URL on page (HTML) and have parameters



Embed BIP Report with URL on page (HTML) and have parameters



I've embedded my BIP Report on the Purchase Requisitions page succesfully using an iframe and URL.

<iframe src="" width="99%" height="800"></iframe>

Now it is my intention to have it embedded without any BIP headers/options/controls/... So that's working fine.

However we introduced 1 parameter (Supplier Name) that the user should be able to choose.

Whatever I change to the link (I've played with the xmode and output formats), I don't get the desired outcome, which is:

  • A parameter which they can choose from a dropdown
  • The report output (a plain table)

Is this at all possible? Any way I try, it seems to include either the entire BI Publisher header/controls (but with the parameter) or just the plain table (no header/controls but also no parameter).

Any ideas?



R13 20B


  • SantoshKumarBhairi
    SantoshKumarBhairi ✭✭✭✭✭

    Did you try using _xmode=2 and create the parameter (Supplier Name) within your data-model?  You can enable the results for 'Supplier Name' populate thru a SQL-query or thru a fixed list of values. 

    And with respect to output, open the report layout, click on 'View a list' and there you can choose an appropriate output format like CSV.


  • JimVT
    JimVT ✭✭✭

    Hi Santosh,

    1. I did try with xmode = 2, there was no difference. When opening the report from BIP, the parameter is there, but not when it's embedded on a page.
    2. The parameter exists in the data model (list of values behind it). This is all working fine from the BIP pages.
    3. The output is supposed to be HTML. I want it to show a plain table on the page in the application.

    See below the end of the Shopping page (Requisitions). This is where I inserted a 'HTML Markup' region and pasted the URL so the report is visible.

    As you can see, there is no parameter, even when I used xmode=2.

    Any solutions?

    Any confirmation this is at all possible?

  • Hi,

    Did you get this fixed? I am also looking for an option to get the parameters from report.



  • JimVT
    JimVT ✭✭✭

    Hi Nivya,

    Unfortunately no. We went ahead with the report being displayed without any parameters.

    In this case we wanted a parameter for 'Supplier', but whatever we try, it is not displaying in the embedded BI report in the screen. The parameter is there when you open the report from the BI catalog.

    Workaround would be to just use CTRL+F to search for the Supplier in the screen.

    Let me know if your investigation bears any fruit. I would be very interested.



  • hi Jim,

    Sorry I never checked this thread. I have done a similar one for OTBI report/dashboard and based on Person, the data will be displayed in the embedded report. I will try similar one for BIP and let you know if that works.



  • JimVT
    JimVT ✭✭✭

    Hi Santosh,

    Do let me know if it works. I'm not having any luck.