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How to customize the banner - color and logo on OTBI



Did anyone tried customize the banner - color and logo on OTBI. At time business users are confused between PROD and non-PROD environments. If we have a color banner, it will be prompting them. I couldn't find a document on the same. We were able to customize on the front end application, but not on OTBI

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  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, Sorry no sure if there is a way to do this in OTBI in Oracle Cloud Applications. I have customised many times stand alone OBI "on premise". So you drop files on the application server with images and css and xml etc. with the fonts and colours etc of your brand to create a new "style". There is an XML file for all the bits of text so yous you can make it so you have different banners on different envs. But because this is cloud you do not have access to the application server like that anymore. But that is what you cant do.


    What can you do. As a workaround in OTBI you can change the style on your dashboard/analysis select from the out of the box list of ~6 styles. They are all rather black and blue. But have a look see.

    Screenshot 2021-07-29 100651.png

  • Hey Vijay, 

    I have done a little searching and have not found anything on updating the banner/logo for the cloud per environment. My first suggestion(s) is definitely not ideal and would require some training to end users. I have worked in IT for a little while now, and URL analysis has become a go-to for me. The Oracle logo is placed within eyes view of the URL, and find it quite easy to just reference that for the environment. I does not scream at you which environment you are in like a banner change, but is still a useful reference. I also find it helpful to use different browsers for different environments. Edge is my PROD, chrome/firefox is non-prod. Again, this one takes a little training and configuration, but has drilled into me that when I am in a certain browser I am also in a specific application environment/region. 

    Below are some examples URLs (Not Real) and their distinctions between PROD and non-PROD.

    I think Nathan has a great suggestion as well. You can create a dashboard template that helps to identify which environment a report is being ran in. This does not necessarily help if a user is not running a report, but would help 90%+ of people who are just running reports. On top of the style different, I am uploading an image of something I just mocked up. You can add text and a logo to specify the environment a report is being ran in. The main negative to this approach is that you have to remember to update the report dashboard text in the respective environment. 

    Hope this help!



    Report_Dashboard_TItle Page.png

  • H Sean and Nathan,

    Thanks for your recommendations! I will try these.

  • In the SaaS environment not allowed to customize the banner Color & log. please post new Ideas consider for future releases.

  • This feature is finally available to SAAS customers who have taken up the 22A update.

    Please review the documentation on how to apply themes and change the look and feel of your BI application in 22A here :

  • Bhaskar Konar
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    Hi @Gaurav Bharadwaj-Oracle ,

    Thank you very much.

    Appreciate your help.


  • Does this custom log need to be reapplied after every quarterly release?