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How to remove value from Dashboard Prompts

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I have created a Dashboard along with Prompts.

I have taken business unit name as Prompt but it is pulling business unit ID and i am trying to remove it but I am facing issue in removing numeric value in the Prompt dropdown. below is the attached Snip of it.

Can anyone please help me to resolve this.

Thanks in Advance!!!!



  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, Which subject area? If you edit your dashboard prompt, select the column, select edit (pencil), select fx (Edit Formula) next to "Prompt for Column". Cut paste the presentation table and column here. Assume you are using "Business Unit"."Business Unit Name"?

    Some pairs of columns are setup joined up in the metadata repository database (RPD) with one column as the "Descriptor ID Column" to another. Such that you can use function descriptor_idof() to get the code from the name. If you use such a column you get some extra options in your prompt to "Show Code" and "Select/Filter by Code" etc. It might be that but i did not think business unit was such a code name pair with a descriptor ID.

  • Hi Nathan,

    I tried what you have suggested. By the function(fx) i was able to remove the id shown in the prompt. But faced another issue, the change in prompt didnt result in any change in the Dashboard. The dashboard remained the same upon choosing different value from the Business unit prompt.

  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, I had not asked you to try anything. I was asking you to state here exactly what presentation column from what presentation table from which subject area you had as your column in your dashboard prompt because your screen shot was ambiguous?

    The column in your dashboard prompt must match exactly including any functions the column in the filter in any analysis you are using with the prompt otherwise it will do nothing. A way to be sure is to select fx on the column in the prompt, copy to clipboard , edit your analysis, on the criteria tab in the filters select your column, select edit (pencil), in edit filter dialog select fx again on column, paste the presentation table and column with any formula. Now the column in your prompt is the same as the column in your analysis? Does that do it.