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Exporting dashboard as PDF doesnt pull the BI report

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Hi ,

I have created a Dashboard, with multiple analysis.I have added a BI report also into the dashboard. The dashboard is working fine.

when i export the Dashboard as PDF, The BI report is not available in the PDF.

Could you please help me to get the BI report into the PDF when the dashboard is exported as PDF.

Thanks in advance,





  • Hi Praveen,

    Could you please share snapshots of the issue.

    When you are trying to export the Dashboard you can mention the steps you are looking for.



  • Hi,


    WHen i export it as PDF, The BI report(Job DESCRIPTION ,JOB QUALIFICATION) is not pulled.

    PDF Screenshot:

  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Praveen, That is the expected behaviour. The "report" components on the page are ignored. My opinion, is that the previously known as "XML Publisher" renamed as "BI Publisher" product was merged with "Analytics and Dashboards and Delivers" product acquired from Siebel who bought it from NQuire and another product for KPI and Scorecards etc. So 3 products built by different people were "integrated" as a suite of products sold as "Oracle Business Intelligence". But you get some holes in functionality like this one that you may not have expected if the whole thing were built as one thing from scratch. Hence why the whole suite is being replaced by Data Visualisations in Oracle Analytics Cloud to compete with the likes of Power BI etc. BTW the export/print to PDF has lots of other limitations even if you just have analysis and prompts on your page like how text wraps to fit, conditional format icons etc.

    As a workaround consider keeping the original dashboard as your primary "interactive" dashboard but in addition putting all your queries from your analysis on that page into the report data model to have one big report as an option print to PDF exactly how you want it use case -? You can reference the analysis in the data model to avoid duplication. Not ideal but a solution I have implemented in the past for a similar situation when we want to "print out everything for a board meeting at the end of the month".