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Action Reporting - Promotions, Increases, Demotions

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Summary: Action Reporting - Promotions, Increases, Demotions

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Hi there. I'm wondering if there are any detailed process documents for how to create and alter HC analysis in OTBI? I am new to this platform and would like some examples / help if possible. I am working on ensuring we can pull out of this new system the pay equity files for Canada this year. I am able to see the different subject areas, but I am really looking for a basic "If you want to see all promotions within this timeframe, here is how you pull this data".

I am the HR analyst, but have not been provided a code to access the documents that are shared. Is the code required for reviewing these help tools and can you request on behalf of me to my employer or how can we get one? I am struggling with time analysis and only getting data within a certain timeframe. Adding in filters seems to radically reduce results.

Thanks for any help.