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Fusion Dashboard Audit

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Fusion Dashboard Audit

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Hi Team,

We have requirement to extract the list of HCM dashboard name, dashboard path and how may user has ran the dashboard.

Please share the details If any one has extracted the similarly details.

Thanks in advance!.

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  • Nathan CCC
    Nathan CCC ✭✭✭✭✭

    Use subject area "OTBI Performance Real Time" (21C).

    for example

    select all 0 s_0

    , "BICC"."BICC Flag" s_1

    , "OTBI Report"."Adhoc Flag" s_2

    , "OTBI Report"."Custom Flag" s_3

    , "OTBI Report"."Dashboard Name" s_4

    , "OTBI Report"."Dashboard Page" s_5

    , "OTBI Report"."Report Name" s_6

    , "OTBI Report"."Report Path" s_7

    , "OTBI Report"."Report Source" s_8

    , "OTBI Report"."Session ID" s_9

    , "OTBI Report"."Subject Area Name" s_10

    , "Query Execution"."Success Flag" s_11

    , "Time"."Month" s_12

    , "Time"."Report End Timestamp" s_13

    , "Time"."Report Start Timestamp" s_14

    , "Time"."Year" s_15

    , "User"."User Name" s_16

    , "Database Metrics"."Total Database Row Count" s_17

    , "Derived metrics"."Database Execution Time" s_18

    , "Derived metrics"."Total Execution Time" s_19

    , "Query Execution Metrics"."Number of Database Queries" s_20

    , "Query Execution Metrics"."Query Compilation Time" s_21

    , "Query Execution Metrics"."Report Execution Count" s_22

    , "Query Execution Metrics"."Report Row Count" s_23

    , "Usage Metrics"."User Count" s_24

    FROM "OTBI Performance Real Time"