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Extented data timeframes to all histrory

Use Case and Business Need

I was asked to run a report to show when the last time a user logged into the learncenter as well as how many times they logged in. Much to my surprise the report only allowed for the last years worth of login and some of our users who have been with us for more than 2 years were not showing in the report do to this time limitation of the database. It would be great to see the full picture across time not just the last year.

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  • Andrew,
    can you please elaboarate on your idea here?
    do you mean, you need the history information of all the logins into Taleo or OTBI applications?

  •  Add the ability to adjust the timeframe for the report to go as far back in time as you wish, so if I want to see the last 10 years at once I can. Not limiting it to the previous year only. How are you to gain insight to usage if you can't see the whole picture or measure impact of initiatives and show ROI. You need to see the granular data: when was the last login, when were all logins, how long were the logged in, what did they do in each login.

    Also based on some course setups a time audit would be nice to see who fast forwarded their way to completion showing actual time in course next to minimum completion time. Right now I run and combine several reports to get to this information. Perhaps a * next to the completion notice to indicate this occurrence.


    Andrew Golembeske