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Unable to add users unless they have accessed OBI



Need to be able to add employees to appear as an available member without the requirement of having to access OBI first

Use Case and Business Need

In order for an employee/user to show as an available member in OBI the following requirements must be met:

  • User must have at least an OBI Content Viewer permission assigned to their SmartOrg User Account through User Types
  • User must have logged into and accessed Oracle Business Intelligence at least once

I do not understand why we have to go through user provisioning twice. Imagine I have 1500 users and I need to grant them access to different reports.

  1. Grant access to all users
  2. Request for them to at least login once
  3. Then I grant access
  4. Ask users to access their reports
  5. Follow up on people that have accessed at least once

** repeat steps 2,3,4 over and over again until all users have been assigned the permission

It becomes tedious when some users fail to login when the request comes in and adds to permissions / maintenance activities and time. The ideal process would be; 

  1. Grant access to all users
  2. Assign permissions
  3. Ask users to access their reports

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