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Report of fields and the reports they are in



A report metadata report to aid in data governance and assessing the impact of changes.

Use Case and Business Need

I would like a report, preferably through OBI that I can pull myself, that will give me the columns that are in each report, their definitions/formulas if they have been aliased (name changed) and what it is if the name has been changed, what it was changed to and from. Ideally, it will include the fields used in filters as well. Bonus if it included the position of the field in the output of the report.

This metadata will aid in data governance efforts to discover what is out there and work towards standardizing reports so that we use the same terminology to describe the same things and not have 5 different terms for the same item.

This will also aid in assessing the impact of changes. Should we re-define an existing term, which reports have this term and will need to be updated to the new formula? In the current set up this is a herculean effort in our implementation as we have well over 1000 different reports and dashboards

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